Photo Credit: The Freethinkers Pictorial Text-Book (1890)[1] with cartoons by Watson Heston

To anyone who’s played basketball before, they know free-throw shooting isn’t as simple as it looks on tv. Learning how to shoot free throws takes practice, and repetition, and practice, and repetition, and more practice, and you get the point.

But that’s not where learning to shoot free throws starts…

Shot by Marcus Smith

There’s a fragility to life that we rarely talk about. We ponder life’s questions, life’s moments, life’s wonders and challenges with the curiosity of a newborn, and yet many of us so often turn a blind eye to the eventuality of our own path’s conclusion. …

How adversity impacts our life’s journey

Wikipedia defines success as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”, and starting this anywhere else wouldn’t feel right. But, like we learned in school, Wikipedia doesn’t tell the full story.

In order to define success, I think you need to dig a bit deeper. You need to take the…

Jared Zamzow

Former Founder / Alumni / Athlete / Coach/ Aspiring Investor /Proud Canadian.

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